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Mayes - Martin is Barrie's Retail, and Wholesale Petroleum Specialist

Petroleum Retail and Wholesale Distribution, Mayes -Martin, Barrie Ontario

Mayes-Martin Limited is your stop for home , automotive and farm fuels as well as lubricants of all kinds .

Barrie and area fuels and lubricants specialist is Mayes- Martin . Petroleum and Petroleum Products of all kinds are sold and distributed by Mayes- Martin :
- Home heating Oil
- Card Lock Diesel
- Gasoline both retail and wholesale
- Bulk Oils
- Industrial lubricants
- Marina gasoline and fuels

Mayes- Martin provides local municipalities with their fuel requirements and have automatic generators to ensure fuel service in emergency situations

Top petroleum brands include; Sunoco, Shell, Rotella, Nautilus, Howes , Kleen Flo ,and STP

Home Heating Oil and Fuel for Barrie from Mayes-Martin

Delivery of Home Heating Oil in Barrie and area by Mayes- Martin

Mayes-Martin is Barrie and area's home heating oil specialist . Book you home heating fuel delivery by calling Mayes- Martin today . Prompt service always and 24 hour emergency services when needed .

Call Mayes- Martin for inspection of your home heating fuel tank and oil fired furnace

Card Lock Diesel Available from Mayes- Martin in Barrie

Mayes - Martin in Barrie Provides Card Lock Diesel Service

24 hour Card Lock diesel fuel is available in Barrie from Mayes- Martin.

Servicing truckers and commuters , the Mayes - Martin card lock diesel fuel service is the most convenient way to fill up in Barrie.

Featuring Mayes-Martin Diesel makes it easy to fill up with this premium fuel.

Mayes-Martin Diesel's unique formula provides a top treatment of lubricity improver, to help protect your fuel system's moving parts from premature wear. It also boasts superior stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors and a de-icer, promoting trouble-free operation year-round. Together, these attributes can reduce the need for expensive engine repair.

Mayes-Martin Sells Card Lock Gasoline in Barrie

Barrie Card Lock Gasoline, 24 Hours from Mayes-Martin

Top quality gasoline is available at Mayes- Martin in Barrie 24 hours a day using their card lock service . This is an ideal solution for taxi companies, commuters, local police, ambulance and municipal vehicles .

Mayes- Martin will set up an account to enable you to access Mayes-Martin Fuels.

Shell Rotella Available at Mayes- Martin in Barrie Ontario

Heavy Duty Engine Oils in Barrie from Shell Rotella at Mayes - Martin

Shell Rotella Heavy Duty Engine Oil available at Mayes - Martin in Barrie Ontario

You need to know your oil will protect your engine under all conditions. No matter how hot, cold, steep, dusty, muddy, or extended your operations. Whether you own one truck or a thousand, late models or classics, whatever your maintenance routines and procedures, Shell Rotella heavy duty engine oils can deliver the protection you demand.

From reliable products using well-proven formulation chemistry, to unique and exclusive technologies for the latest low-emissions, severe-duty engines, we can offer the right performance and protection. Built around a deep knowledge of the operation and lubrication needs of heavy duty engines, our scientists and engineers have developed products built on technology that adapts chemically and physically to the changing conditions within the engine, to help keep it running.

Marine Fuels Delivered by Mayes - Martin Barrie

Mayes- Martin in Barrie Delivers Fuels to Marinas

Mayes- Martin servers the needs of recreational boaters by delivering fuel,and oils to area marinas

Nautilus marine oil is a key Mayes- Martin product
Shell Nautilus 2-Cycle Engine Oil is a premium quality, high performance, ashless two-cycle motor oil designed to be used in water- and air-cooled engines. Shell Nautilus 2-Cycle Engine Oil is formulated for use in both premix and oil injected systems. It is dyed blue for easy identification.

Howes Diesel Additives from Mayes- Martin, Barrie

Mayes- Martin in Barrie Sells Howes Diesel Additives

Howes Lubricator Products are the number one choice for independent owner operators as well as thousands of fleets who depend on them every day.

Kleen-Flo Products Availabe at Mayes- Martin, Barrie Ontario

Mayes- Martin in Barrie Ontario Features Kleen-Flo Products

Kleen-Flo Tumbler Industries
is a proud Canadian Company whose history spans 3 countries, 3 principle organizations and over 60 years. The Combustion Utilities Corporation of Montreal, J.A. Tumbler Laboratories of Baltimore, Maryland and Burmah Castrol of the United Kingdom have all contributed to the existence and progressive growth that is Kleen-Flo.The organization was a pioneer in the treatment of fuel oil used for both household and industrial applications with over a billion gallons treated in the first five years of operation. "Liquid Kleen-Flo Fuel Oil Conditioner" was the company's first product which rapidly gained approval from fuel distributors and their customers.

Kleen-Flo products at Mayes- Martin include ;
Additives , Aerosols , Apperance Products , Brake products , Cleaners, Oil & Rustproofing and specialty items for your car or truck

STP Products Features at Mayes-Martin in Barrie Ontario

Mayes- Martin features STP Products at their Location in Barrie

STP stands for Scientifically Treated Petroleum. The roots of the STP brand stretch back to 1954.In October 1954, three businessmen with a mere $3,000 in start-up capital introduced the first STP product in St. Joseph, Mo. Scientifically Treated Petroleum, better known as STP, began with one product, STP Oil Treatment, that helped automobile motor oil resist thinning at high temperatures and pressures.The reason people rely on STP products has been simple: STP products give you the "power" to get maximum performance from your car. Mayes_ Martin carries
Fuel Additives
STP Gas Treatment
STP Super Concentrated Gas Treatment
STP Fuel Injector & Carburetor Treatment
STP Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner
STP Complete Fuel System Cleaner
STPOctane Booster
STP Diesel Fuel Treatment & Injector Cleaner
STP All Season Water Remover
Oil Additives
STPOil Treatment
STP 4-Cylinder Oil Treatment
STPEngine Stop Leak
STP Smoke Treatment
Functional Fluids
STP Power Steering Fluid
STP Brake Fluid
STP Power Steering Fluid & Stop Leak

Sale On Hydraulic 32 Pails at Mayes-Martin in Barrie

Mayes - Martin in Barrie is Having a Sale on Hydraulic 32 Pails

Mayes- Martin in Barrie is having a sale on Hydraulic 32 Pails . Save Now.



Facsimile: +1 705 739 9235

Key Contact:

Craig Bemrose & Shawn Fullan ([email protected] for administration)

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150 Vespra Street Barrie, ON, L4N 2G9 Canada

Nearest Intersection:

Vespra and Anne

GPS Coordinates:

-79.70056729999999, - 44.3810663

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Hours of Operation

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    8:00 am
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    8:00 am
    5:00 pm
  • Wednesday:
    8:00 am
    5:00 pm
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    8:00 am
    5:00 pm
  • Friday:
    8:00 am
    5:00 pm
  • Saturday:
  • 24 hour emergency service and 24 hour Card Lock service

We Serve

  • Angus , Ontario
  • Barrie Ontario
  • Bracebridge, Ontario
  • Brechin,Ontario
  • Gravenhurst, Ontario
  • Innsifil, Ontario
  • Lefroy,Ontario
  • Midland , Ontario
  • Orillia Ontario
  • Oro , Ontario
  • Penetanguishene, Ontario
  • Washago,Ontario

Established Since 1958


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